Monday - Closed
Tuesday -Saturday: 7am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-3pm
Leli's Diner will be closed for Vacation June 27,2017 and reopen July 11,2017


Call us AT:

[919] 263-1377

A bit about our products and where we get them from.

‚ÄčAt Leli's Diner we try to us as much local and organic/natural ingrediants as possible 

Our beef is all grass feed and sourced locally you can visit www.firsthandfoods.com 

Our Pork Products are all natural and pasture raised also from first hand foods

We use the Raleigh farmers market, produce box, hilltop farms, ECO, to name a few of our produce sources.

Our Milk and Cream comes from Maple View Farms

Our eggs from Latta's Farms

And Our seafood from the world oceans, lakes and streams

we will continue to do our best to bring to you the freshest highest quality local, natural and organic products as possible

Thank You, 

‚ÄčThe Lelis